“Thanks to Dirty Girls Come Clean, Christian women now have a voice that describes their secret struggle with pornography. With openness and faith Crystal Renaud shares her own redemption story and gathers other women’s stories into a hope-filled volume. Crystal outlines a realistic process for “coming clean” and helps women take those important first steps toward freedom.”

Marnie C. Ferree, M.A., LMFT
Executive and Clinical Director of Bethesda Workshops; author of No Stones – Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction (InterVarsity Press) and L.I.F.E. Guide for Women

- -

“Honest. Powerful. Compassionate. Practical. Needed. Are the words that came to mind when reading Crystal Renaud’s book Dirty Girls Come Clean. A great challenge for women of all ages to come clean!”

Craig Gross
Founder of XXXchurch.com and author of Eyes of Integrity

- -

“Crystal Renaud is a woman of deep compassion and character who sets out to help others in a profoundly honest and humble way. She’s brave enough to talk about what few will and she does it in a way that brings hope and healing. I am so thankful she is a voice championing integrity in our broken world.”

Jud Wilhite
Sr. Pastor, Central Christian Church Las Vegas, author of Throw it Down

- -

“‘Dirty Girls Come Clean’ is an excellent resource for women about the topic of sex, desire, and pornography. With story, honesty, hope, and lots of grace, Crystal Renaud takes this sensitive topic, one that often leads women toward guilt-filled dead ends, and reveals pathways toward forgiveness and healing.”

Matthew Paul Turner
Author of Churched and Hear No Evil

- -

“When we withhold the true details of our stories and struggles, people can’t see the full picture of God’s truth and forgiveness. I am thankful for the vulnerable faith of people like Crystal. While I’m sure her story was not easy to share, it is in the power of her testimony that others find help out from under lies and isolation. Frank and cliché-free, this book has teeth.”

Kem Meyer
Author, Less Clutter. Less Noise.

- -

“We’ve heard a lot about men and pornography, but precious little from women who struggle with porn addiction. If the adage is true, “you’re only as sick as your secrets,” then Crystal Renaud’s book will help a lot of women get out of their shame and secrecy and into the light of confession and healing.”

Susan Isaacs
Actress and Author of Angry Conversations with God

- -

“I am so thankful that Crystal has been obedient to the call on her life to share her own story and battle with an addiction to pornography. There is simply no other resource like it on the market, and I am absolutely convinced God is going to use it to start a new healing revolution for women in bondage. The fact that the emotional trauma of a girl’s first exposure to pornography is compared by counselors to the emotional trauma of a rape victim should clue us all in to the severity of this addiction and the importance of a tool that tackles it head on in a very real and very practical way. Lives will be changed.”

Pete Wilson
Senior Pastor at Cross Point Church and author of Plan B

- -

“Crystal’s voice is unmistakably clear in a culture void of healing, comfort, and hope for the broken. If you are that girl, this book is for you.”

Renee Johnson
Devotional Diva® is a spirited speaker and writer to 20-somethings

- -

“Crystal tackles the taboo subject of pornography addiction and bears her soul in her courageous confessional of her own struggle with it. The testimonies of women in this book display hope and will profoundly inspire you. Dirty Girls Come Clean will give you a taste of freedom and you will see just how contagious that is.”

Cindy Beall
Author, Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken

- -

“The most powerful thing about Dirty Girls Come Clean is that Crystal goes first. Her willingness to openly share her struggles and road to sobriety creates a safe place for others to come clean. This book is so engaging and practical that I wouldn’t be surprised if both women and men are deeply impacted by reading it.”

David Trotter
Author & Speaker

- -

“Finally, an authentic, legitimate voice for women everywhere! Dirty Girls Come Clean tastefully and practically addresses a not so tasteful issue with grace. If you’ve ever felt helpless in your struggle with porn, Crystal’s book is saturated in love, hope, and packed with real-world answers.”

Angus Nelson
Speaker & Writer

- -

“I appreciate Crystal Renaud’s honesty and courage in sharing her own struggles with a rarely discussed issue among women. By shedding light on this, she will no doubt help many women out of darkness and isolation. As youth and culture become more sexualized, it is important for books like this one to provide cautionary tales and a better way of life free from images that can enslave us.”

Larissa Lam

- -

“Finally! Female porn addicts have been writing to me for years, asking for help. My material was suitable for guys, these desperate women would say, but their experience with the obsession was different from mine. Did I know a girl they could talk to? Had anybody written anything for female porn addicts? Crystal Renaud is the pioneer we’ve been waiting for. Her frankness is refreshing and her vision can change the world. If you know a woman who struggles with porn, buy this book.”

Nate Larkin
Founder of the Samson Society
Author of Samson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood

- -

“Dirty Girls Come Clean is an honest, thoughtful and poignant treatment of the impact of pornography on young women and details how the corruption of sexuality has beset this generation of women. The stories it chronicles are a reminder to us that sexual temptations are not just a ‘guy’ thing. Even so, it honors the different ways in which women and men enter into struggles with sexual issues ranging from abuse, abandonment and promiscuity. Dirty Girls will be shocking to some, but the hope that is offered within it makes it a must read for those who want to take these issues head on.”

William M. Struthers, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology, Wheaton College
Author of Wired for Intimacy

- -

“Finally, a woman of courage has emerged, giving millions of others like her hope and a voice with which to be heard. I’ve been praying for many years that more women who struggle would stand up and be counted for the sake of those who suffer in silence. While the double standards and sexual stigma that exists in our culture has branded women who struggle sexually as “dirty girls”, it’s high time that an angel of hope appears to change all of that. If you’re a woman reading this, and this is the cross you bear, then read on because Crystal just may be that angel you’ve been waiting for.”

Michael Leahy
Founder of BraveHearts and author of Porn Nation

- -

“Crystal Renaud is the real deal … and so is her story. Dirty Girls Come Clean chronicles Crystal’s journey from the bondage of pornography to the freedom that only a real faith in God can offer. With refreshing honesty and a rare spiritual integrity, Crystal addresses a tough subject … but pulls no punches. The message of Dirty Girls Come Clean is clear. Any woman can struggle with an addiction to pornography. The hope Crystal offers in this book is just as clear. God can and will help any woman overcome an addiction to pornography. Pornography addiction among women is a widespread problem … and it is not going away. In fact, it is growing every day. The Christian community has looked the other way, hoping that someone would have the courage to say or do something. I am so thankful for Crystal Renaud, a courageous young woman who came to God with a “yes” in her heart and a burden for hurting women in her soul. The result is her first – but certainly not her last book, Dirty Girls Come Clean. It is my honor to wholeheartedly endorse this book and the young woman whose life backs it up. Like I said, Crystal is the real deal.”

Mary Southerland
Women’s Ministry Motivator and Author

- -

Women viewing porn? Women getting addicted to porn? Scandalous! It can’t be true! Sadly, it is and as one who works with male porn and sex addicts I know the shame and isolation they feel. Women, especially Christian women, face an extra dose of shame if this is their struggle. Nouwen wrote that if we don’t move towards becoming wounded healers, that we will be unhealed wounders – my friend Crystal is a wounded healer radically applying the healing power of the Gospel in places it is needed the most. Through a gripping blend of transparency, and truth, she helps people find the transformational power of Christ. She gently coaxes the church to pull it’s head out of the sand, and to look at and engage “dirty girls” just like the ones that Jesus forgave and hung out with. She does not offer a soft gospel that allows them to stay where they are – she encourages them to “go and sin no more” and equips her readers with real helps and the power of community. She is a courageous young lady, and one that openly confesses her viewing porn, her addiction to porn, and while it is scandalous, she proclaims the scandalous freedom we have in Christ. I highly recommend her and this book!

Reverend Tal Prince
Co-founder of Route 1520, Pastor, and Host of Tal Prince Live!

- -

Dirty Girls Come Clean is a fresh dose of authenticity and transparency that gives a voice to the woman in bondage. Sexual addiction has a name; it has a face; it has a soul. DGCC is a constant reminder that those that struggle desire freedom and that freedom and redemption is found through confession.

Justin Davis
Campus and Teaching Pastor at Cross Point Church, Nashville TN and Co-Founder of RefineUs Ministries

- -

Crystal Renaud takes a giant step of faith in writing this book. She’s taking on one of the Christian church’s most taboo subject and blazing a trail of freedom for millions of other women who are trapped in their lonely darkness. The good news? You’re not alone. None of us are. Dirty Girls Come Clean is a must read for all teenage girls as well as parents of teenage girls. Porn addiction for women is only a taboo subject because we’ve made it that way. It’s time to start talking and take away the hold it has over us.

Jenni Clayville
Worship & Creative Arts Pastor at Paseo Christian Church
Blogger at JenniClayville.com

- –

This book tackles a scary topic. Crystal courageously steps into a world of hurt, brokenness, and addiction and throws out a lifeline of insight, hope and healing!

Carlos Whittaker