Spreading the News: Whole Women Weekend 2015

997060_713396378708233_6096300302962250835_nAre you (or do you know of) a church, counseling office, college campus, or women’s organization who should know about Whole Women Weekend? We have informational brochures that we will mail directly to you. But we need an address! 

If you would like for us to send a copy of our informative brochure, please complete the form below. Thanks in advance for spreading the word.

Whole Women Weekend is a unique weekend intensive retreat for women who are seeking true and lasting inner healing from hurts & hang-ups, bad habits, addictions, and more and who wish to encounter God in a way they never have before. It is all happening August 27-30, 2015 in North East, MD with special guest speaker Annie Lobert of Hookers for Jesus.

We want absolutely every woman to know about this unique opport...

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Fall Enrollment: 90 Days to Wholeness

We invite you to enroll (or re-enroll) as we start over with Day 1 of the 90 Days to Wholeness series on Wednesday, October 1. The last day to enroll is September 30.  

Our “90 Days to Wholeness” series is a 90 day devotional designed to kick-start your recovery from pornography and sexual addiction (or various other strongholds). Over 800 women have already completed our first 90 Days to Wholeness series and are experiencing true and lasting life change. Join them!


Once enrolled, beginning Wednesday, October 1, you’ll receive a daily email devotional containing reflection questions that you will be encouraged to briefly discuss with other women in our online community...

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Whole Women Weekend 2015: Registration Now Open!

997060_713396378708233_6096300302962250835_nYou are cordially invited to join us August 27-30, 2015 for Whole Women Weekend (formerly Whole Women’s Conference). Whole Women Weekend is a unique weekend intensive retreat for women who are seeking true and lasting inner healing from hurts & hang-ups, bad habits, addictions, and more and who wish to encounter God in a way they never have before. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey or where you have been prior to now — this retreat is for you.

The theme for our 2015 retreat is IDENTITY. It is so easy to believe that your past defines who are you today. But what you have done or what was done to you does not define you. You are defined only by who you are in Christ.

“You are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s
very own possession...

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When Death is Enticing… Choose Life

By Crystal Renaud

I have but a few words add to the already very long dialogue taking place right now after the death of actor Robin Williams. I know not all will agree with me, but this is my truth based on my own experiences. Thanks for stopping by. 

When a tragedy like this happens many cry “mental illness!” and “depression!” as a way to try and understand. It is normal for people to scramble for answers to a senseless act. And because no one chooses the path of mental illness and it is a long-suffering battle, it makes sense and gives an excuse to the plaguing questions. 

Less than 2 years ago now, my grandpa took his own life in the back bedroom while my grandma and uncle were on the couch watching a baseball game. No warning. No cries for help...

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WHOLE Women Weekend: Interest Survey

keep-calm-and-take-our-survey-5We are excited to announce that we are in the early planning stages of a brand new conference experience called Whole Women Weekend. This all-inclusive weekend retreat will feature main sessions with worship and prayer, topical workshops to dive deeper, lodging & meals for the retreat duration, and entertainment/activities. Whole Women Weekend is tentatively scheduled for late Summer or early Fall 2015 at a beautiful Christian retreat center in North East, Maryland (an hour from two major airports) and will be approximately 3 days in length.

This is not a porn addiction conference, but a time for all women to experience wholeness. The Whole Women Weekend is designed to take you out of your day-to-day hustle in order for you to encounter God like you never have before, to experience t...

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Christian Grey Belongs in Jail, Not in Your Bedroom

By Crystal Renaud

I wasn’t going to write a blog post about the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer because literally (and that “literally” is not exaggerated) everyone else has and we’ve already discussed the craze here and here. However, after actually viewing the trailer yesterday, I can’t get the following thought out of my mind:

“Christian Grey belongs in jail. Not in your bedroom.”


Okay, so JAIL may be putting it strongly, but I don’t think I am too far off.

Perhaps it is because I was once the young, mousey girl taken advantage of by an older, stronger man, but the appeal of Christian Grey is totally lost on me...

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